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  • Oscillate


    Hello guys again! It's Crew here and I'm here to finally introduce Oscillate, a psychological horror short that is my longest and most experimental yet!

    A spiritual successor to my award-winning directorial debut Yin/Yang, I shot this back in March on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the help of a relative during a two-week vacation at my grandparents' house in Monterey Bay and spent a frustrating three months back in Visalia, editing it on and off, until finally coming…

  • Passing Lights

    Passing Lights

    Hello guys! It's Crew again and I'm here to announce that my latest short -- an experimental short called Passing Lights -- is out right now! I shot and directed this with the help of a relative back in 2021 but I shelved the video for awhile before I finally decided to add an audio track to it -- along with music from Twin Musicom -- a few days ago to accompany the visuals. I was more than content with…

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  • Bound



    🌈 --for Pride Month-- 🌈

    "I'm not apologizing for what I did. I'm apologizing for what I didn't do."

    The perfect nutshell of such a film like this: bold, swaggish, alluring and thoroughly fucking unapologetic from start to finish, much like the pair of twins who directed it themselves. The Wachowskis really were ahead of their game for making such a film like this, and I don't think I can find anyone bolder than them -- sorry, Quentin -- when…

  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Police Tactics

    Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Police Tactics


    "...but this is not to say that violence itself, nor the societal contradictions that drive people to it, have disappeared from the world around us."

    Japan. Fall 1963. Nearly two decades have passed since the terrors of the atomic bomb took their toll, and the age of the yakuza is finally starting to show cracks in itself. As the Land of the Rising Sun finally rises up on its own as a thriving nation, so has the sheer, national disdain…

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  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity

    Battles Without Honor and Humanity


    "I still have some bullets left..."

    Japan, 1946. The war's ended a year prior, and the people of the Hiroshima Prefecture struggle to start over a year later after the atomic bomb. Even though the war's over, the terrors haven't stopped, they've mutated into something smaller and far more sinister than expected. Soon, fractions of the population turn to crime in the form of yakuza gangs, and it's only a matter of time until their lust for power and control…

  • The Tell-Tale Heart

    The Tell-Tale Heart


    Oh, my God, people. It's official. Robert Eggers has finally released his take on The Tell-Tale Heart into the public eye after leaving it (mostly) in obscurity for nearly a decade and a half, and holy mother of God, was this such an amazing watch. Even at his early stages as a director, you can definitely not only notice but also feel the tints and polish of Eggers' mastery here: those tight shot compositions, the creepy atmosphere of his darkly-lit…