Case File 23:
007, your mission is to come back from the dead to protect one of England's favorite old ladies, Judi Dench. And to stop one of Hollywood's favorite psychopaths, Javier Bardem.

- Istanbul
- London
- Shanghai
- Macau
- Scotland

The Bad Guy:
- Raoul Silva: A more creepy version of Sean Bean's character from Goldeneye
- Patrice: Patrice is a horrible name for an assassin, tbh

Bond Girl:
- Sévérine: Interesting, but this movie doesn't really need a Bond Girl. M is already the Bond Girl.

- Gareth Mallory: When he leaps across the desk to save M!!! Replacing Judi Dench was a big job, and Ralph Fiennes pulls it off
- Eve Moneypenny: She's back! Thank goodness! It was worth the wait though, for the introduction she gets.
- Kincade: Love him!

- Aston Martin DB5
- Gun with fingerprinted trigger
- Radio
- Most definitely not an exploding pen

- Skyfall by Adele: So, so beautiful. God.

Title Sequence:
- The beginning where Bond is pulled down into the water is perfection

Witty One-Liner of the Day:
What makes you think this is my first time?

Case Notes:
- The introduction of Q in the museum...very nice
- I LOVE the scene at the hearing for so many reasons ... M being badass, Mallory also being badass, Bond kicking the gun to Moneypenny so she can be badass
- Oh, Judi Dench. Casting you as M was one of the best decisions in Bond history, and so was the idea to let you have a starring role in Skyfall. The development of the relationship between M and Daniel Craig's Bond is certainly one of the greatest moments of the series.
- I've seen Skyfall a couple of times now, but this rewatch had me thinking for a minute that maybe Skyfall is my favorite Bond. It's definitely the most emotional for me, more so than Casino Royale or The World is Not Enough (that one really gets to me for some reason).
- The absolute best part of any Bond film for me is when the main theme comes roaring in, which never fails to remind me that I'm a sucker for this series. And the ending of Skyfall, with its brilliant build-up of the new M and Moneypenny, really punches me in the gut.

With pleasure, M. With pleasure.

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