Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

Jason gets his hockey mask and he looks cool, the effects are good (and when they're not they're still ridiculously and hilariously entertaining to look at), and the showdown between the final girl and Jason is pretty good, but otherwise this doesn't have much going for it.

The plot structure is once again the exact same (there's a new character introduced that's basically just Crazy Ralph but worse), and unlike Part 2 this is the exact same length as the original, and while paced better, it's still sluggish at times. It's also filmed in 3D so there's a lot of egregious shots, outside of its use during the kills it's just obnoxious to look at. Plus the characters suck, Shelly is the only memorable one and he's just a turd, and the final girl here is so boringly unmemorable, they should've just made the dude who ate fish food the protagonist, also fuck hunky Rick, he'll never compare to big man Paul.

But I do admittedly have a nostalgic soft spot for the formulaic structure of these movies so I don't hate it, and the kills are pretty solid, and let's be honest that is the main attraction of these movies, but it's still the weakest in the series so far.

Also it copies an aspect of the ending from the original so lazily it actually made me laugh.

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