Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

Second viewing with a friend, overall solid big superhero action flick but the best bits are of course with MJ and Peter but the movie is super busy with a lot of meh comedy and felt kind of overblown in my opinion. Like the diagloue is more cheesy here and has a lot of scenarios that play out like a Disney original TV movie. The guidance counselors were one bit to long, and the rivalry between Peter and that other kid sucks. Its alright for a entertaining adventure but I liked homecoming smaller focused story, Peter in his hometurf is great- him interacting with the neighborhood and sticking up to his problems both big and small are great. He felt more like a kid back then, versus now where he on a multi-country field trip.
Jake as Mysterio was fantastic, for the short amount time he gets to be menacing - he's a nice calculating pyscho almost gets nightcrawler vibes.
He's another very strong part of the ship, he's a huge dick here but damn those illusions are sick! Really wished there was more of that insanity mind trip he sent Peter on in that building. His cold demeanor and downplay on violence make him dangerous but the technology and extreme plan only conclude what I was saying, its abit too much for me. Do we need to see Pete fight a hundred drones.

The ending never gets old and honestly hope the next one is better. Go Jonah Go!

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