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  • Law of Desire

    Law of Desire


    Tenth Time Viewing; DCP

    The heat (both sexual and physical) of Madrid is palpable in Almodovar's LAW OF DESIRE. A quasi-autobiographical film (and by that I mean a film about a hotshot gay director) that explores themes and tropes that would inevitably dominate a majority of Almodovar's filmography, LAW OF DESIRE was Almodovar's first film released with his newly formed El Deseo and would help him get a foot in the door to the international film market. It also marks a turning point in his style, which lead to his first maturation as a director.

  • The Flower of My Secret

    The Flower of My Secret


    Third Time Viewing; DCP

    Female melodrama is Almodovar's bread and butter. Though he has excelled in this field with other films (ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER and WOMEN ON THE VERGE being my personal favorites), FLOWER OF MY SECRET is no slouch. Following Leo (Marisa Paredes) as she navigates multiple messy break-ups (with her publisher and with her husband), the film chronicles a woman who is at her wit's end and needs to recharge her batteries before she continues on.


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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    A film about looking and being looked at (it's not a coincidence that it begins with the creation of an eye). Scarlett Johansson is astounding in the lead role, creating a robotic woman who lures men to their doom, trapping them in a strange fluid that sucks out all their internal organs.

    It is a subtle film that doesn't knock you over the head with its metaphors. Notice how the alien changes once she begins to define her features in the mirror, and especially take note of her reaction to sex. It is a stunning feature that requires careful attention to decode its elusive meaning.

  • All About My Mother

    All About My Mother


    Twentieth Time Viewing; 35mm

    Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with a film that you cannot, even for a split second, imagine that anyone loves it more than you do?

    ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER is one (of many) Almodovar film that is beyond brilliant. I have a bias toward stories regarding mothers (being raised by a single mother, who passed away in November 2015), SO Manuela's (Cecilia Roth) emotional journey is something that brings tears to my eyes.…