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  • Interim



    I don't like to write reviews on this site for some reason i can't explain, but in a similar fashion that Brakhage caused Tarkovsky to break his silence when they met, so has Brakhage broke mine here now and I must talk of this movie that's buried. It is at once Badlands, Mouchette two films deeply important to me without the trappings of a canon, there was cause for Bresson to reject history and probably became cause for his reaching…

  • Diary of a Country Priest

    Diary of a Country Priest


    I recently only saw Diary of a Country Priest, I was really blown away just when I thought Bresson couldn't surprise me more between watching Four Nights a Dreamer and Diary of Country Priest I can safely say no director leaves me as speechless and empathetic and encouraged as Bresson. I can totally see why Tarkovsky put Diary of Country Priest as number one on his list. I think Diary of Country Priest was really the beginning of something for…