Enola Holmes ★★★½

Grade: 70%
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Enola Holmes, the newest Netflix Original, follows the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes as she searches for her missing mother and runs into other trouble along the way. When I first saw the premise and initial marketing for this film I was not very interested, it looked like a childish adventure about the less interesting Holmes sibling but as the film started I quickly realized it was a different story altogether. Obviously, with a female protagonist there is a good amount of focus on how she can do things just as well as her brother, or other men for that matter, if not better and I think it definitely sends a good message to the younger viewers, it also avoided feeling heavy-handed in any way. Millie Bobby Brown shines in her first major role other than Stranger Things, she’s likeable and her character is witty while also being able to defend herself against any bad coming her way. Henry Cavill is also a fun Sherlock Holmes, he fits the role like a glove and while he’s not too prominent, it was enjoyable seeing him on the screen when he does show up. Enola Holmes is just a pretty good film that families can watch together and I’m sure young girls will have a love for this film, as an adult male though I will say it was an enjoyable enough two hours but it’s not anything to rave about in my opinion. It has good action scenes, a likeable protagonist and it just generally is a nice-looking film, everything about it is pretty good and that’s never a bad thing.

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