F9 ★★★

Grade: 63%
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After marathoning the franchise leading up to its release, I was luckily able to see F9 on opening night, theatres are still closed where I live so I went to a drive-in and even though I have flaws with the film itself, it was cool to see something on a big screen again. I’m a fan of these movies by and large and I’ve enjoyed the more recent entries immensely but I think this one in particular is showing signs of a franchise that’s putting too much focus on the action scenes and not enough on the plot. After this ended I don’t think I could’ve told you what it was even about, I obviously knew that there was a basic face off between two sides but the plot is so unmemorable it weakened the film. Obviously they are trying new things with the action sequences in this one and it’s clearly the draw but while seeing them go to space is a fun idea, the actual translation on screen just doesn’t make it interesting enough without legitimate stakes. As shown in the trailers, Han is brought back and while I love the character, it’s just so ridiculous that this franchise continuously manages to bring people back from the dead, or have them put in situations where they surely should’ve been dead by now. I know I’m talking mostly negatives and my grade isn’t all that low but it’s because it’s still entertaining to watch, I love these characters and this works better because of their backstories, it’s easily the weakest film since it became this high octane series but I still liked it enough to look past some flaws. That being said though I definitely wish this was better, when it’s at its best the franchise finds that sweet spot between plot and character development and the crazy stunts, F9 unfortunately swings the pendulum too far in the direction of the latter and puts forward a lower quality movie than it could’ve been.

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