Midsommar ★★★★½

Grade: 93%
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Midsommar is a brilliant follow-up to Hereditary from Ari Aster, it’s a stunning film in many ways and it’s long runtime honestly flew by. The twists of the film work extremely well, it’s visually incredible and the performances are also top-notch. Florence Pugh is breathtaking in the lead role, she conveys many different emotions so well, sometimes even different emotions at once. The supporting cast is also pitch perfect, whether it be our main group or the people who live in the community, everyone brings exactly what they need to in order to make everything so believable. It’s an insane premise with some scenes that will sit with me for days, it’s disturbing as hell and I had my jaw dropped during a good portion of the second half of the movie. It also has good comedic moments sprinkled in between the disturbing moments, everything works and I loved basically everything about it. Ari Aster is a director who has become one that I will be excited about whenever he has a new film coming, I know he said he’s done with horror and if he is, his two horror films are near masterpieces. I think I actually like Midsommar slightly more than Hereditary, it’s close to perfect for me and I can’t wait to revisit it.

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