Old ★★★½

Grade: 69%
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M. Night Shyamalan’s new film Old has opened in theatres and I was cautiously anticipating it because while he’s very inconsistent, I like him as a director and I’ll watch anything he puts out. This is a bit of a mixed bag though, I think the premise is extremely creative and there’s a lot to like but it’s also very flawed. I always admire Shyamalan for going for it with whatever he does and this is no exception, it feels like completely his own for better and for worse. As far as the positives go, it’s extremely entertaining and especially during the second and third acts it picks up and moves at a rapid pace, it rarely takes a second to slow down and I was fully invested in everything happening. There are dialogue issues I have, the script is decent but it is spotty for sure and I think there were several conveniences that didn’t quite add up to me by the end. The acting is pretty good, any acting issues I have come from the script I think but the ensemble does a pretty good job, the entire aging concept is handled kind of oddly but it’s also intense and for the most part I think this movie worked for me. Old is unique, it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before and although it’s quite flawed, I ended up liking it a lot, it’s a solid offering from Shyamalan that brings everything you want from him while also bringing his usual flaws as well.

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