Shrek ★★★★½

Grade: 85%
2001 RankedHERE

For some reason I had the urge to watch the Shrek films because I somehow have never seen the fourth one (or Puss in Boots) and since I hadn’t seen this classic series since I was a child I thought it would be fun to revisit them. I was always a fan of the Shrek movies when I was younger but they were never absolute favourites of mine, the first one especially I didn’t watch that much so my memory with this one was a bit hazy. It’s a classic for a reason, Shrek flips the fairytale genre on its head and is able to tell a simple, but effective, story for children and adults. The voice acting is fantastic, Eddie Murphy as Donkey is one of the greats and Mike Myers plays Shrek perfectly. The animation still holds up fairly well, obviously it’s twenty years old but I was expecting it to be less impressive than it was. The soundtrack is also timeless in a weird way, the songs included in this movie will always be associated with it in my brain. Shrek is just a great movie, it’s stood the test of time for good reason and it was an extremely enjoyable rewatch after not having seen it for over a decade.

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