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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    brought something out of me. less in the way of repressed rapey urges than a memory of a cbbc show called julia jeckyll & harriet hyde that i'd totally forgotten about. i don't think that was about the same thing tbh - unless there was one hell of an early watershed in them thar days

    this is one you think, "well it's silent & 90 mins, but i really should - but i fancy something with jeff bridges in today, maybe the…

  • Out of the Past

    Out of the Past

    Kirk D: Hey smokey eyes. You gotta bring my bird back to me. But hey now..hey.. just listen here see.. you have to promise me you won't romanticize the acapulco heat, talk in flowing poetry, bath in the sexual chemistry & fall in love with her.

    Bob M: *lights a smoke making Kirk's heart stop* Lol ofc brah, that never happens in this scenario in the moovies. Reeeeellllllaaaaaaaaxxxxxx

    Noir heaven.

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  • Circle of Danger

    Circle of Danger

    Tourneur void of his usual drastic light-tricks doesn't sit well, but at the same time it brings into focus his skill in filming the suspicion we feel hanging over every character, and w/o going full airhorn bombastic.

    I love Ray Milland as an actor. In this he spends so much time scouting for clues, pro-sleuth; until all the distrust is meagerly eased by people he's never met as to how they killed his brother for his own good, and for…

  • Safe



    Flips between lowlit Mulholland grime filter & sun-blanched sofa arm beige over glorious barren-land wide shots that dupe us (and them) into a false sense of security. The red roses of Blue Velvet are yellow and crumpled, and in looking for a figure in the darkness we see nothing, or rather the deprivation of something. One of the housewives leaves her young child to do her own thing while she entertains and conversations are interrupted, stifled or cut off completely. Everything…