Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

i've been hyped for this ever since it was announced and then even more so when jake gyllenhaal was added onto the cast, but the more the release date approached, the more i worried that maybe my hype would turn into disappointment. i'm glad to say that this 100% isn't the case! tom holland is incredible & proves again ( imo ) why he is the best actor to play spiderman ; the supporting cast in zendaya, jacob batalon & samuel l. jackson are awesome & gyllenhaal, who i was hyped to see arrive in the MCU?? well, he was an absolute triumph. he was made to play mysterio & i'm glad that such an iconic character is getting some love. the effects were brilliant especially the 'doctor strange' style moments ( without spoilers ) , the comedy was on point & i loved the plot. it only loses half a star because i felt the first half dragged just a tad, but once that turning point comes around? it's a thrilling ride.

i'm undecided if this is better than homecoming, i think a rewatch is needed for me to decide ( maybe both on the same level?? ) but this is one MCU entry you don't wanna miss!

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