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Trying to find someone who wants to watch Criterion Collection films and drink IPAs as much as I do.

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  • Hereditary


    Nope nope nope

  • 13th



    If you wonder what white privilege is. It's watching this documetary while cracking a few beers and having your mind blow about how deeply rooted the corruption in our justice system is.

    My god is this film incredible, mind-boggling, and eye-opening. All in the best ways possible. Black lives mattering is the minimum. They are beautiful, dignified, worthy, beloved, and very very needed.

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  • Black Mirror: White Bear

    Black Mirror: White Bear


    One of the most damning insights into our culture. Wow. This is insanely sad, horrifying, and condemning of us as people. The most heavy-handed Black Mirror has been with its viewers on humanity up to this point. Written, shot, and released all just a year after the murder of Usama bin Ladin. His death led to a large portion of our world celebrating his murder. This is quite bold of Black Mirror and most definitely convicting. Also looking through other…

  • Larceny


    If anyone knows where to find this film, or something of that nature, please let me know!