North Sea Hijack ★★★½

There's a lot of ffolkes that doesn't add up: what's the escape plan for the hijackers? who are the middle-aged frogmen working under Roger and what are their stories? is Roger independently wealthy and his privateers his own private task force? the British PM and a Royal admiral have placed their highly classified trust in a private citizen?

But you know what- who cares! This is a chance to put an action plot in the middle of a film populated by top-notch charsimatic movie stars and character actors like Roger, James Mason, Anthony Perkins, Michael Parks, Jack Watson, George Baker and it has a character named Lord Privy Seal Dennis Tipping- the most British-sounding name ever.

This is the Roger Moore I would have liked to have seen in some of his latter 007s, especially For Your Eyes Only. As ffolkes he's embittered, hard-boiled, and above all he has no ffucks to give ("I don't like your face."). Anthony Perkins' method acting is unshowy, unpretentious, and fits in perfectly in this late 70s Brit actioner. There's not a lot on page that describes his character, it's all in the clenched jaw, the gleam in his eye watching a mushroom cloud in the distance and the occasional growl as the pressure mounts. And he really plays it like he's the smartest person in the room and it kills him when Roger's ffolkes enters his room.

For a movie that I felt was on cable and syndication tv during my teens non-stop it's a hard-to-find. A perfect Saturday afternoon flick.

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