Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★½

Original review:

I still have no problem with the humor- consistent with the original trilogy ("Everything is fine are you? Boring conversation anyway *pew pew*", "When they dump their garbage well just float away" "...with the rest of the garbage.").

I still think this is Mark Hamill's finest moment as an actor. But watching it a second time the pacing is really shaggy. The only storyline that really holds my interest is the Luke/Rey/Kylo Ren struggle. Did not care about Poe or Leia or the space casino or the kids or the space llama race or the BSG episode 2 called "33" story ripoff about out-distancing the rebel fleet from the cylons I mean First Order. I forgot about the whole Finn/Plasma fight during one of the many climaxes so thank goodness for the >>> button.

I got really bored this time around without the excitement of watching it with an audience in a dark screening room.

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