The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★½

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Film #10: 2 of 2 Tobe Hooper, repeat decade (1980s), 2 of 3 non-zombie cannibals, 3 of 6 sequels

Not nearly as important to the genre or as funny/emotionally impacting as the original, TCM2 looks like Hooper is cashing in on the Jason/Freddy/Michael Myers craze of supernatural serial killers movies of the 80s. Gone is any social commentary in any depth, or any realism (the family seems to have taken over an underground mall tricked out with jump-scare booby traps), and the victims of the family are the type one roots for to get caught and cut-up. Dennis Hopper is in his 1986 comeback phase (Blue Velvet, Hoosiers and My Science Project with his directorial break-through Colors to come out the next year) and here he looks like he stayed for one day of shooting telling Hooper "this is what you get, make the most of it". Both he and 'final girl' Stretch seem to have triumphal endings tacked on in re-shoots or bad edits - not sure which- that fall flat. Doesn't encourage me to seek out any of the others in the series if they can't approach the rawness and greatness of the original. But it was fun watching a car with a couple of preppy scum get cut up by Leatherface.

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