The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ★★★★

(ep.2) ok so fake captain america dude seemed nice at first and then just kept getting more and more annoying everytime he spoke (which seems to be a trait in blonde straight white males), and he also has no ass ???? you wanna have the audacity to claim you wanna be captain america AND also have no ass? pick a struggle.
Anyways, i’m saving a star because i have a feeling this series is gonna be like the gift that keeps on giving and i swear if i get disappointed i’m gonna lose it because this is the only thing keeping from having a mental breakdown in this exhausting friday night. 
I was bored out of my mind on the first ep i’m not even gonna try and lie about that, but this one was just so good, the chemistry and dynamic between seb and mackie is just *chefs kiss* and i want more therapy sessions together. 
That ending ???? i’m SO exited for this character you wouldn’t believe. i’m going to sleep now and in my miracle when i wake up the complete series is out, is amazing and bucky is happy. 

(i would also be very happy if someone wants to talk or adress how they approached racism bc i still have a lot to learn about it and i don’t wanna be ignorant so i want to hear about it from someone who knows)

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