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    1) wow i had NO idea that import/export data thing was FREE
    2) i mentioned this in my previous review, but i made the decision to start over and move accounts! i'll be @andreagridulce from now on. if you want to follow, that's alright! if not, that's okay too. either way, it was a nice 4 years and i'm glad i could finally have a space to share my thoughts abt movies even if i did fall off a bit unfortunately.

    for my previous post explaining what's been going on and why i went mia these past months.

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    First of all, hi again! I wanted to apologize for the sudden disappearance these past 6 (???) or so months. This year has been really tough on me and has done a huge number on my mental/physical health to the point where I've had to go to the ER twice in the past month. It's also led me to having complete burnout and starting to see something I really love (film) as a chore.

    From a very young age, I've…

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  • Sailor Moon R: The Movie

    Sailor Moon R: The Movie


    "sailor moon" (1992-1997) has raised MILLIONS for the lgbtq community.

  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    when "the chain" started playing, i was like "ok this just went from being a 4 star movie to a 4 and a HALF star film". fleetwood mac is rly that powerful, huh?

    anyway, i really enjoyed this a LOT more than i was expecting and now, i'm sad that the best actress race this year is so crowded because margot robbie is phenomenal in this and would definitely be taking home that oscar if this was any other year.