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  • Toni Erdmann

    Toni Erdmann

    Toni Erdmann was received with great acclaim upon its release. A terrifically executed German comedy, which if you go by stereotypes, is no small feat. Though it is clear to me I missed the boat. I think there was great potential for this bizarre movie, or at the very least had a promising premise. What ended up happening, however, was nothing. At least, it felt that way. It was about 3 hours of watching long strange scenes that seemed loosely…

  • Joker


    Can you have sympathy for even the worst of people?

    In perhaps different words, I think that is the question at the heart of this movie. In the time of "cancel culture" where people who make grave mistakes are unsympathetically cut off from society, this movie offers a reminder of the humanity in even the worst offenders. Not everyone will agree that this is the thesis of the movie, and those that do agree may find disagreement in the extent…

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  • Zero Dark Thirty

    Zero Dark Thirty

    This is one of the best movies of its decade. It was made in such a short amount of time, but the compliments it can be paid are huge. It is suspenseful even though the viewer knows the outcome, I found the cinematography transportive (as it always should be), Jessica Chastain is awesome as always, and it carries some intangible greatness.
    It was criticized for portraying brutal interrogation techniques as successful. This criticism has never made sense to me. Sometimes…

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It's entirely possible there is a large something I didn't get when watching this movie. I felt that it started out amazingly. I was so enthused by it. But it got worse as it went on. I couldn't comprehend a sincere and devoted pastor considering a suicide bomb. As if murdering others would accomplish his ecological goals. I also didn't understand him wrapping himself in barbed wire. I watched an interview with Paul Schrader and he talked about having Ethan…