The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

I really needed this movie. Before I was watching this, I watched Life, that horror sci-fi movie that had Wade Wilson playing Ryan Reynolds. A double feature of Ryans! I was pissed. It reminded me of The Cloverfield Paradox wayyyy too much. So I did not waste any time in putting in The Nice Guys after the conclusion of Life. And then Ryan Gosling screamed.

This movie brought me so much laughter and joy. And it wasn't just Gosling and Crowe that stood out. The kids, the characters at the party, and I thought Matt Bomer could have a future as playing a serial killer. What a well acted movie with a really fun script.

This is the movie that I will go to bed to. Not because I need it to sink in more, but because it just made me happy.

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