Annette ★★★★½

Carax is an absolute mad lad. This may be the most insane musical I have seen. There is a line in the first couple minutes that defines the love of Ann and Henry and also works for the film: It scoffs in the face of logic. 

This is bombastic. This is audacious. It’s not right. But it’s so engaging. I was enthralled the entire runtime, and there is also a great mid-credit sequence as well. But for how much I loved this, it’s so messy. 

Basically I don’t like the central character, Henry, and find the plot a little thin and cliched where it focuses on Ann and Simon, the conductor. We don’t need more insane films about terrible men in my opinion. This isn’t a film that defies conventional tropes, and it’s lacking a lot of reasoning. 

That said. Wow. Wtf. I loved this, even for how bad the plot can be sometimes. It reminds me of (a film I don’t like) Lars von Trier’s THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, but much more visionary, still not very nuanced. But as pure expression, I think it works marvels. And it has some gorgeous cinematography. 

The film is always gorgeous to look at, and Annette herself is so weird too it’s hard not to take your eyes off her. I loved the design of her, and the vocalizations were amazing. The music in this film is great. 

Yah, it’s for weirdos like me. I love it. I heard most people who saw it at the theater here in town walked out. I don’t doubt most won’t like this. It’s messed up stuff. 

Through the flaws, which are aplenty, I still loved it so much. I’m hittin’ it with a 4.5/5.

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