Lamb ★★★

Hooptober #9 - Film 28 - Lamb
6 Countries - 1 from Iceland (5/6)


I like LAMB. I thought it was a good movie. I wasn't really into the human characters, but I did like the scenery, the animals, etc... I thought the cinematography was great, but the screenplay was a little lacking for me. There really isn't too much to this story of a couple living on a farm in rural Iceland. When a little blessing is dropped off on their doorstep, their lives start to take a turn. I could have done with more to the story. Just a little more plot would have been nice. But still I think it's worthwhile. I did love the effects, the landscape, and the ending is awesome. And I loved the ending song too. Handel's Keyboard suite in D minor always gets me. So I'm going 3/5 for LAMB. I think it's a worthwhile experience, especially if you're into weird cinema.

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