Satantango ★★★★★

I went into the film having finished the novel earlier in the day. I would highly recommend reading it before, or after, as I think it does capture some of the griminess, the despair, and the mundanity of everyday life here a bit more fully. It also fills in some of the blanks and expands on the characters’ thoughts and motivations a bit more. They are both unique experiences, even to each other, though I would say it is a completely faithful adaptation, and of course not the first collaboration with the author and director.

I’m left floored by the two pieces. For a near 7.5 hour film, it’s a very easy watch. I can’t wait to own the film to be able to visit at my leisure. I think it would be fine to watch chapter for chapter, more episodically, or even match chapter for chapter with the book and film. That would be an interesting trip, seeing how they play off each other when it’s that fresh. The night the film comes in I’m going to celebrate with a bottle of palinka and a pack of smokes. Highly recommend.

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