Satantango ★★★★★

This film flows together in such a perfect way, simulative of moment to moment and how things correspond with one another, in such a bleak and mundane way, truly simulative of moment to moment life. By the end you've not finished a film but you've exited a window from another world, you've left the world Tar crafted for the audience. You're left with this profound cinematic experience that will haunt you. Tars execution of world building transports you to the events transpiring in this mystical masterpiece, you are subjected to view the events that occur as if it's in real time, you view these events as a passive voyeur but you cannot interfere with the bleak atmosphere we have no control as viewer but we are part of it, this is simulative of life, we are only observers, we have no real control or dominion over our lives, just like this film, showcasing the true nature of reality, bleak events will occur regardless if we want them too, bleak existentialism. As soon as this film finishes you'll be left disoriented, as if in a dreamlike manner, you feel as if you've not completely left the world, your brain needs to readadjust to your surroundings.  Unlike any other cinematic experience. Cinema at its peak.

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