Midsommar ★★★★★

On Christmas Eve my young and previously healthy mother was diagnosed with cancer. This was the first time I truly realised any person could die at any time. I mention this because as I was leaving Vue at Westfield's gone 2am in the pouring rain after seeing Midsommar I was having trouble working out why I had not been able to curb the extreme ugly sobbing that had overcome me for the last fifteen minutes.

Midsommar has humour and beautiful scenery and an extremely enjoyable plot which I took great pleasure in, but beneath that is a sickly pit of hurt stirred by a brilliantly written abusive relationship and this sat in my stomach for a whole day after viewing. So much of the plot is about control, loss and eventual gain, and in the traditional horror movie way the sinners are punished, but instead of a feeling of unadulterated justice there's pain in every one of those losses. Anybody could die at any moment, but this Swedish cult really take matters into their own hands in just about every way.

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