Halloween II

Halloween II ★★★★★

Genuinely my second favorite film of the whole franchise. I think the first Rob Zombie film is fine, but is a REALLY good movie and I'm so glad that it's starting to get the praise it so rightfully deserves, even if it's 12 years too late.

This is a really fucked up movie and I can't believe how much I cared about the characters in it. Laurie is a downright tragic figure here in the same vein as Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me and her performance is pretty fearless. She's crying or screaming for the majority of the film and she really sells it as someone who thinks she's never going to get better from her trauma.

Every death in this movie is upsetting and I think it's by far the darkest entry of the series, but it's all the better for it. I love this film and I'll defend it until I'm six feet under.

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