The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

I say with no hesitation that this is the most well made film of the year.

Been hyped for this ever since it was first announced. Robert Eggers is one of the best directors working today and he clearly only involves himself in a project if he wants to make it. Given his speech after the film was over during the Q&A, I think it'll always be that way.

There seriously isn't a weak aspect to the film at all. The directing is even better than The Witch, the acting is nothing short of fucking outstanding and the cinematography was the best of the year so far. Taylor and I actually sat right next to the fucking DP of the film tonight who was nervous as hell for some reason. Maybe it's because this was the first screening in the province that it was shot in.

I fumbled my question a little out of nervousness, but I got to ask Eggers about directorial influence before making the film. I saw a lot of shit in this movie that could only be compared to the likes of Ingmar Bergman, and if that sounds like insanely high praise, that's because it is.

The hype is real, see this film immediately when it gets a wide release in October. I know I'll be back to see it many times before it's out of theaters.

Currently tied with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood for my film of the year, but only because I JUST finished it and I've seen Hollywood three times. This is by far a much better made film, though.

If neither Dafoe or Pattinson win Oscars for this film, I'm going to be very fucking upset. These are some of the best performances I've seen in the entire decade and they only had each other to feed off of. It's mind blowing how far they went with what they had.


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