Pleasure ★★★★

heartbreaking, how deeply the violence of the porn industry cuts. there’s one particularly hard-to-watch physical assault scene that really illuminates how evil this business is, but that moment is merely a drop in the ocean when surrounded by more covert, deeper-wounding reinforcements of the same ilk. death by a thousand paper cuts: the gross manipulation tactics to coerce sex workers, especially women, into giving a verbal yes when their minds and bodies are screaming NO, (choice is an illusion!) the contorting of their bodies to the male gaze atop regal four-poster beds not made for sleeping in, (your body does not belong to you, it is for audiences to ogle at + consume!) and the waking up at the ass crack of dawn to accentuate features, pluck wayward hairs, and slip feet into bone-breaking six-inch heels (your body is not safe to inhabit!) 

there’s room for misinterpretation here because bella cherry’s voice is so suppressed, even she struggles to hear herself. the less astute moviegoer may not realize that the whole point is that she’s drowning in the cognitive dissonance of her desires. what she says she wants – to make it to the top – contrasts starkly against what she so clearly does not want to be doing – everything it takes to get there. but what other choice does she have? it’s easy to deny herself a little humanity and compassion. after all, “everyone has bad days at work.” 

men pleasure shrek 3/3

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