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This review may contain spoilers.

mockumentary of the year? 

it reminded me of being a little kid when youd watch a movie and so much of it went over your head but you didnt judge yourself for “being too stupid to understand it,” you still had so much else to take in! like, the humor of a vertical pan reveal. which btw, probably his funniest movie (mr fox still his best tho obviously). i get why everyone’s been saying this is one theyll need to see half a dozen times at least just to take it all in fully 

visually some of anderson’s densest work, SO much to take in. THE THEATRICS! the theatre kids who did stage crew in highschool are gonna go nutso for this one i have a nose for these things (takes one to know one, etc etc etc). best moment was for surezies “he’s still not moving.” woof… can we talk about how my boyfriend’s ginormous crush on t chalamet is getting out of hand. homie giggled when the kid walked into frame nakey. GIGGLED! 

unbelievably good bill murray chicago intl film fest intro. if they upload it anywhere online lmk so i can come back to this review and link it for all to enjoy 🙇🏻‍♂️

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