• Strike!



    heather matarazzo + merrill wever as roommates? to me that’s feminist literature. thinking about starting a ‘they show the vomit’ tag. coulda been gayer

  • The House of Yes

    The House of Yes


    reminding myself “it’s not actually twincest, it’s just actors playing twins” thru out (like chanting “it’s just a movie, it cant hurt me” when i watch something scary)

  • Clockwatchers



    sometimes it’s fun to unwind and watch the girlies lose their minds under flourescent lighting! cathartic even. maybe we’re not all so crazy afterall? maybe my favorite parker posey performance of all time? love a quiet girl standoff

  • True Mothers

    True Mothers


    kawase’s films are sweet, natural, and over-exposed. ask me who my favorite director was in college + id tell you it was naomi kawase. i relied on her tenderness often, rewatching katatsumori any time i needed a good cry. i cant BELIEVE no one told me so many of her films were available to stream !! 

    im not familiar w the source material here but this did so many interesting things w structure + pacing + temporality, packing an emotional punch…

  • Hereditary



    kind of reminds me of the time christian ran me down the entire plot of this movie at a sushi restaurant three or so years ago<3 it gave me a fright! and kinda spoke to me about how negligence is violence + grief is haunting. i think the dialogue paled in comparison to that interpretation of possession + the performances, but if someone argued that that was “the point,” id be like fair enough, something had to ground the film.…

  • Chicago



    i havent rewatched this in years since before i had a LB wow? velma kelly and roxie hart (shouldnt it be alphabetical?) are my siskel and ebert dont make me say who is who i dont have answers i just pose questions

    i think one of my neighbors was trying to signal me to turn down the volume by airplaying their ipad to my tv so the 4 digit numerical code would pop up and pause the movie. if it’s the 135…

  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

    The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

    im convinced this was a money laundering front bc there’s just no way something this juvenile could receive a budget. felt like i was watching a bunch of rich kids playing. CAST TIFFANY HADDISH IN SOMETHING GOOD FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE! SHE’S TOO FUNNY TO BE TREATED THIS WAY! hope the crew had fun making it at least

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    well at least my family’s not That fucked up 

    havent been this into a violent revenge movie since oldboy! my favorite parts were björk + the scene where he’s following a fox while being followed by ravens

  • Serial Mom

    Serial Mom


    still gathering my thoughts ill come back to this

  • Split Ends

    Split Ends

    split ends is premiering in yr favorite chicago cinemas this weekend + next ! c u there for a cry?? ✂️🎟 if youre not local you can still catch the short thru the fests’ virtual screenings, details below: 

    cineyouth at facets (free – click here for tix):
    • opening night on april 22 at 7pm
    • awards night on april 24 at 630pm
    • available online april 25–may 1 (worldwide)

    chicago latino film festival at landmark century ($14):
    • playing with the feature zahorí on april 30th at 4pm
    • available online april 27–may 1 (region locked to the midwest)

  • Matilda



    my first favorite movie (besides mary poppins) havent seen it in five years but knew every word… i still got it

  • D.E.B.S.



    lesbian totally spies (oxymoron) 

    a gay slut!