Abi Morris

Horror, dark thrillers and dramas mostly

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  • The Witch
  • The Hunt
  • Midsommar
  • The Northman

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  • The Butterfly Effect


  • 1917


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  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    Hooptober film #14
    Criteria: Country - South Korea & A disease based film (which it isn't).

    I'm casting a deadly hex tomorrow at the hour of the dog, is what I'll say to people from now on to get out of plans.

    I can't believe how good this film is and I don't have the brainpower to say anything intelligent about it. Just can't wait to re-watch.

  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods


    I just always wish they'd picked cooler things from the basement.