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    Fake and gay

  • Woman in the Dunes

    Woman in the Dunes

    Only enjoyable for people who think working is an existential crisis

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  • The Drunkard's Reformation

    The Drunkard's Reformation


    The dream that men can be redeemed by art. Perhaps the most optimistic movie ever made, and definitely one of the most beautiful.

    Here some things i've noticed during my rewatch
    >Arthur Johnson's domestic spat in the first minutes is referenced during his throwing of the alcohol in the final minutes. But when in his drunken supper his destruction was out of control. The man we see in the end has control, finesse. Sure he throws the bottle but its…

  • Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

    Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father


    An incredibly moving portrait that has moments of unforgivable moral repugnance. Like how Kurt re-creates Andrews death with crime scene photos, depicting the deceased man in the most humiliating way possible, or how spoilers: He uses Zachary's death as a mid-point plot twist (and showing it in the most garish, unsubtle manner). Feels so impersonal at points that I wonder if he made this more emotionally manipulative for a better festival tour, or if Kurt didn't know what he was doing. Even with my suspicions, it still was a powerful documentary, one that makes me feel conflicted after watching