The Passion of Joan of Arc

The Passion of Joan of Arc ★★★★½

The Passion of Joan of Arc depicts the tragic real story of heroic devotion in the face of persecution. It was obvious when watching Vampyr that director Carl Theodor Dreyer knew how to utilize film in an emotional, provoking way, capturing mood in composition as well as performance. In short, Dreyer knew how to achieve his goal as a filmmaker. This film is no exception, increasing what I thought possible for the medium, let alone from the silent era. Heartbreaking and uncompromising, Joan’s depiction might be the greatest performance ever to appear on screen. Never before have I seen such real pain, sorrow, and love from an actor, elevating the role to something approaching spiritual. The story, though crushing, is beautiful and full of morality in the face of evil, holding sentiments that have never been less important to this day. This film is truly a work of art and an important piece of history.