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  • Down by Law
  • Naked
  • Network
  • Lovers of the Arctic Circle

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  • The Hireling


  • Vengeance


  • The Go-Between


  • The Swan


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  • Drishyam



    Of all the days I could have chosen to watch this.

  • Stephen Curry: Underrated

    Stephen Curry: Underrated


    Weirdly downbeat doc about one of the greatest of all time. Overuses every technique it settles on - the VHS static and pause effect, the misty eyed off-centre silent interviewee shot, the neutral b-roll with sustained synth chord of unknown portent, the now-and-then match cut, the selective moments from a high-scoring game to tell whatever story is needed. Some nice moments here and there then it peaks, like all sport docs, about 10 minutes from the end.

Popular reviews

  • Barbie



    Smartest billion dollar movie ever. Not even really a competition.

  • Maybe I Do

    Maybe I Do

    Honestly, an interesting artifact in that it's dreadful in such specific ways. Surreally shot, perpetually wide - like it's a pastiche of a form with no original. Their empty houses have barely been staged. Diane Keaton avoids the shocking costume decisions, as always, by bringing her own wardrobe. The stars on the walls are a historical low point for production design as a craft.

    Everyone needs, on top of it all, to get their shoes off the bed.