Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory ★★★★★

Paths of Glory
After three hours from the last movie (Barry Lyndon), this one of eighty-seven minutes l enjoyed so much, from that aspect. I expected a war film, but what I got was much more.
Film explains that war is not only fought on the front lines. I like the fact that at the beginning of the film, the military ranks are degrading scene by scene, i.e. indicating that soldiers are just pawns ...
Also, the film enters the structure of a person's personality that some films like Dunkirk (for example) didn't and it was done in an incredible way. The conflict of opinions, ranks, honor ...
This is my favorite war movie for now, because in 87 minutes explains everything pointless in the war but it does so many more. Story about life.
The scene with the priest is the best thing I've ever seen and the ending is amazing.

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