Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★

hello, it’s ur hardcore abba stan of 17 years here. (it’s annoying how i keep repeating that but it’s bc i feel like i need to emphasize to ppl how established of an abba stan i rlly am compared to them lmfao).
god i have so much to say and no idea where to start.

first of all let’s reference my previous Mamma Mia review. they did 7 out of the 14 songs i listed so i’ll call that a small success.

ok so i have a lot of thoughts so i’ll just list them down instead of write a review. also i’ll divide them into issues vs blessings starting w issues so we can get my negativity out of the way.

there are spoilers here but like not strong enough to tag the review under it so just be like wary.

most of my issues had to do w continuity pertaining to the first film.

- isn’t this film supposed to take place in 2004-2005? how does sophie have an iphone 5??
- remember in Mamma Mia when donna sees the three men n they revert back to their younger musician selves??? we didn’t see ANY of those looks here?????? they all look clean????
- donna supposedly took harry’s guitar way back then but in this film harry has his guitar after donna leaves ALSO they nvrrr do anythin w the guitar together smfh
- if bill came back after three weeks, and donna knew she was pregnant a few days after he left,,, doesn’t that mean only sam or harry could be the father?? i could be nitpicking here since the time that passes by between donna/sam’s breakup to bill coming back to donna knowing she was pregnant is unclear.

“she’s missing her man.”
“which one?”
“that’s the big question.

- ^^^ in the first film, donna says that she always said that the father was ”sam, sam, sam!” and that she forgot that there were two other guys that week,,,, so how come young donna now says this line that she doesn’t know who the father is??? did she just forget that there were three possibilities over the years but her young self knew at this moment??
- in the first film sam said to donna that super trouper was like their song or wtvn he missed watchin her perform but they nvr like heard that song together n he nvr saw the dynamos perform
- cheesiness is classic Mamma Mia but dialogue felt a lil too cheesy at times (ie: “our dancing queen”)
- a lotta stocky/clunky moments and dialogue

now that we’re done bein negative let’s get to what i loved aka everything else


- before i get to screaming abt each and every thing, can i just say how beautifull edited and shot this film was? god each shot was beautiful and the editing, the EDITING was so SMOOTH and GORGEOUS. those TRANSITIONS!!!!! most notably the ones within the first thirty mins (ie: shirt transition in one of us, transition from paris garden to restaurant painting w young donna and harry, etc). god it was just beautiful. loved it all so much.

”it is terribly important to remember just what terrible people men are.”

- ^ i still wish that lily james was the one who sang angel eyes, but w christine baranski saying that line in the middle of the number followed by amanda seyfried’s beautiful voice singing my favorite verse, i’m okay.
- andante andante is another one on my top ten abba songs of all time but now w lily james it might just shoot up to #1 bc that was so fucking beautiful in my 21 yrs of life and 17 bein an abba stan i had not ever heard anyone sing a(n abba) song more beautifully (than the original) before this moment dude i literally honestly truly fell in love w lily james at that moment the way her body SWAYED the way she dreamily LINGERED in each NOTE god her whole fucking performance that whole fucking NUMBER was such a beautiful DREAM i could watch that single scene alone for the rest of my life I LOVE LILY JAMES SO MUCH IF SHE DOES NOT MARRY ME IN MY LIFETIME THEN I HAVE NO PURPOSE god damn
- angel eyes, andante andante, why did it have to be me, and fernando were my favorite numbers out of everything in the entire film. holy fuck the fernando number was so much better than i expected which i’m HAPPY about since it’s a song i hold so close to my heart. cher man, what a fucking QUEEN.

”i’ve decided to commit to being a ‘grandmother.’”

- one of us is another number i loved bc i just love the song so much and it’s lyrics have been so relevant to my life lately. god amanda seyfried truly has the most beautiful voice
- also, first thing in the film being amanda seyfried singing thank you for the music onscreen???? aka what i’ve wanted for ten fucking years after only having her rendition to listen to in the credits??? i love being fucking LISTENED TO and RESPECTED. THANK U SO MUCH.
- speaking of credits, i’m mad at the fact that they hd the audacity to add under attack to the instrumental medley yet couldn’t find it in their hearts to make it a number in the film!!!! smfh!!!!
- also, where was meryl’s rendition of the day before you came??? it’s in the soundtrack so i was waiting for it to be played in the credits but it never did?????
- ^ in waiting for it though, i learned that there’s a cute post post credits scene. if y’all feel like waiting for it, it’s cute !!!!!!!
- bjorn as the teacher/professor at oxford and benny as the pianist in the parisian restaurant!!!!!! but why do agnetha and frida never fucking cameo??????
- i went off in every number except dancing queen bc i was sad abt how old pierce brosnan is getting. when he struggled to get up those steps? sad.
- did love the way sam slicked back his hair though and harry’s awkward dance. again, i’d die for pierce and colin.
- also, speaking of steps, they FINALLY they acknowledge the fact that the church is so high up the island, LOLLLLL. like that is a fucking CLIMB and i always questioned how they’re all so fine about it in the first film but now they finally openly talked about it.
- that moment before dancing queen when sam handed sophie the binoculars and she saw the boats coming? Dunkirk ended, Titanic shook.
- did not realize how much i’m tanya til this film. #1, i’d probably have sam blatantly reject and ignore me like that. #2, these following quotes:

”be still my beating vagina”

”have him washed and brought up to my tent.”

”it’s terribly important to remember what terrible people men are.”

^ i know i’m repeating that but god i love that quote so much. and having it be in my favorite number of my favorite song. and tanya interrupting herself to keep up w singing the “aa-aa-aa” notes in between. brilliant.

”i just want to be upfront and say that i visually enjoy you.”

”my soulmate may actually be carbs”
“well mine must be wine.”

”bolster, bolster!!!”

- that last number was just superb, filled w pure joy, wonder and ecstasy. i’d specify why i loved but then i’d just end up detailing every second.
- ^ what i will detail though is the way young harry danced around harry. i loved that shit. also young donna and the dynamos showing up in the classic abba SOS outfits!!!! fkkkkk!!!!!!! god i love lily james. as if i had not made that known enough already.
- look, i’ve been a hoe for pierce brosnan and colin firth my whole life. i’ve always been mad that they casted stellan skarsgard instead of hugh grant since i would have hugh, pierce, and colin— my british sugar daddy triumvirate— all in one movie musical singing the songs to my favorite band together. and isn’t that the dream??? but now,,, now i get it. i forgot how attractive stellan skarsgard’s sons are, and how when he was younger, he would probably have looked like THAT. god i’ve been a sam carmichael girl this whole decade but after this film i’m all for bill. well his younger self at least. so so so charming and the exact type of sweet talker i like, i’d die for him.
- btw, i used to be ??? over the fact that skarsgard and streep all have actor children yet none of them got casted as their younger counterparts ??? but then after watching the film i take it all back. each and every one of those six people were perfectly casted. like all of them emulated their given characters and their older actors perfectly. from their ACCENTS to the way they SPEAK to even the tiniest of GESTURES, whoever the casting director was deserves an award. i regret ever doubting them.
- separate bullet but continuing on my last note, lily james IS donna sheridan. i like to think that in the first scene where she speaks, after the when i kissed the teacher number, that that was lily james acting as meryl streep as young donna. the way she spoke and drawled on her words was so reminiscent of meryl’s voice in the first film. the rest of the film though, that was judt lily james as donna sheridan period. i just watched an interview where meryl said that lily’s energy is exactly what young donna was and that’s so true. she WAS and IS donna sheridan to the bone. it’s no wonder so many beautiful men fell in love w her in such a short period of time.
- also, WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ODDS OF RUNNING INTO THREE BEAUTIFUL MEN ALL AT ONCE LIKE THAT??? how the FUCK????? if you’ve noticed, i always say that i want a Before Sunrise experience when i live in europe this fall, but ykw, fuck it, throw in a Mamma Mia 2 experience in there too. i want both. i want my hoe life with three men within a week (minus the pregnancy) AND an unforgettable single night w my future soulmate. make it happen @universe.

ok, these are my notes. as sloppy as they may be.

i have so so so much more that i can’t recall but i just have so much to say abt this film. will be adding to this when i can think of them, or probably just listing them in the reviews of my eventual rewatches.

despite it’s million flaws, i love it so much. (the first film, though, is obviously the most superior, but still, love this do much).

final takeaways:
#1 i will die for lily james
#2 i love abba

also, petition for me to make Mamma Mia 3. it’s just going to be lily james in the bar singing all my favorite abba songs for three hours. i’m starting a crowdfund now, let’s make it happen. 

ps: i 110% recommend seeing this in an empty theatre. i did during the second watch (it was an 11:30 showing) and i sung my heart out out loud and danced like a maniac in my seat. it was extremely cathartic and therapeutic. 1100000% recommend.

pss: also, just in case u skipped over, there’s a v cute small post post credits scene, so catch that if u wanna

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