Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★


EDIT (7 hours later): i will change this to a 3-3.5, but i’m leaving it a 4 for now since that was my original impression. this is a very bold film and despite the many flaws it has, it truly still is one of my favorites from this year so far. it’s just kinda a mess the more that i think abt it, but like, still a good one. i don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who might be reading this since it’s best to go in knowing nothing. all i’ll say is that they could’ve expanded more on the popstar exploration of celeste, since it would’ve made many things a lot more effective. with the lack of that, it’s kinda just bold filmmaking without any real depth. but that’s all i’ll say. if i do watch it again i’ll elaborate more on it, but i just needed to note this now. 

EDIT (12/14/18): it’s been two months since i’ve watched this but i think abt it (and change my rating) every day. out of all the things ive read since then, though, this article is what’s making me reconsider my entire perspective of this film. really really need to revisit this soon. 


original review:

idk. this actually might change to a 3-3.5 bc it was a 4 throughout up until that ending. i’m still thinking abt it bc i really do not know how to feel. i don’t mean it in like an “i’m so in awe idk how to feel” or a “that ending just struck me idk how to feel” ——— i literally mean that i genuinely do not know how to feel. my mouth was left wide agape throughout the entire (end) credits w my eyes deadlock on the screen bc i didn’t think it actually ended. 

i won’t continue on that since i don’t want to ruin too much and i honestly don’t know what to think anyway. 

i can’t believe we got both a lady gaga film and a film starring lady gaga this year and they’re two different movies w only one actually having lady gaga. lmfao. (only referring to acts 2&3 ofc, i know she wasn’t a child star). 

raffey cassidy. raffey cassidy’s performance(s) was/were so fucking remarkable in every sense. that first act in general was just brilliant, and the strongest one in my opinion (especially w that abba cameo lmfao). 

there is just so much in this film to unpack and further think about. i think i’ll need to watch this again to fully process my thoughts and figure it all out. in general, it’s a film abt trauma— especially focusing on that which happens after mass shootings. paraphrasing, but there’s a quote from the film which states “she later changed the lyric from ‘i’ to ‘we’ after being suggested to by her producer. it was then that ‘her’ trauma was no longer ‘her’ trauma but ‘our’ trauma.” again, i am paraphrasing to the max but it was something to that effect. but you can get what they’re going for. 

my next screening is abt to start so i’ll end this by saying that despite my confusion and loss to form any coherent feelings or thoughts over that ending, this film is nevertheless one of my favorites this year by far. sublime— and i’m not just saying that for the natalie portman concert.

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