Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth ★★½

Hellraiser 3 is a Tony Hickox flick, and like all Tony Hickox flicks, it looks gorgeous. The man has a gift for filming incredibly disturbing scenes, and it comes across wonderfully here. The FX work is golden and the set design beautifully oppressive, and it's shot terrifically.

Unfortunately, everything else is a mess. The screenplay is a disaster, owning more to A Nightmare on Elm Street than Hellraiser. The wonderfully deliberate tone of the first two is tossed out in favor of something louder and more action packed, and it falls dead on its face.

And the acting here is a special level of terrible. At the very best, it's tolerable. There aren't even words to describe how bad everyone in this movie is (except for Doug Bradley, who's always great).

It may be pretty, but when everything else is so poorly done... it's just a mess through and through.