Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

“Now die a fucking virgin.”

I’m in full Scream nerd mode right now so… a rather long review (for me) incoming i fear.

Okay. I’m not sure if Scream 6 being a completely character-driven story was the best choice to please all of the viewers. Not everyone geniunely cares for these characters, some people are only here for all the chasing and slashing; those people might not enjoy this Scream sequel as much. And it’s a bit too meta sometimes, which makes it a bit cheesy, but that’s what i love about this franchise.

GF is back more brutal than ever. This one is totally gorier and darker. There’s stabbing like there’s no tomorrow! And i love the fact that they tried something different in terms of setting; big city, the nyc crowd, narrow spaces like the subway, etc. Also the story taking place on Halloween was also a brilliant choice. The suspense of the unknown killed me during that subway scene!

Okay my top3 scenes: the grocery store, the subway and the shrine scenes! Those 3 went SO HARD, i was gagged.

Is it just me or was the reveal too predictable this time? Yes, it might be predictable but dw because they always have something up their sleeve for us. Even though i guessed it right, i wasn’t COMPLETELY right. The reveal still blew me away. Gosh, I’ve missed this feeling. It’s SO fun.

AND THAT FINAL ACT DEVOURED AND LEFT NO CRUMBS. Insane ass 3rd act, Sam Carpenter is definitely on my top10 final girls list now. (Melissa Barrera carried by the way, she’s improved so much.)

(PS: i also wanna talk about the big Alpha male that Danny /the boyfriend/ is… wtf… we laughed our asses off each time he appeared on screen. i wish his character was an actual joke.)

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