This is MCU at its peak. Phase 4 is really starting THIS strong.

Just finished Episode 8! A lot to digest. The last episode was just... on a whole another level. This show has been incredibly satisfying so far. I’m dying to see the final episode.

First, i’d like to thank Marvel for coming up with such an innovative and fun concept. They really outdid themselves again. WandaVision is a cultural reset. Something shifted in mcu when they released it, i just know it. The execution is top-tier. Each episode is insanely detailed and layered. All of them are movie quality. I can’t even express how impressed i am right now. 

Since it was marketed as a sitcom i genuinely believed this show was going to be all goofy but oh boy i was wrong. We’re diving deep this time. The sitcom style made the whole thing super fun and silly, those bits lifted up my mood. And damn, that last episode (8th) made me so emotional... It’s definitely the best episode so far. Like, this is the best character study mcu has ever done and it’s what the most powerful character (aka Scarlet Witch) deserves. I’m so satisfied with it.

As you all can see, WandaVision explores mental health; depression, grief, trauma and the way we respond to them/cope with them. They really packed all of Wanda’s grief and trauma in one episode like that. It was such an important episode though, i’m glad they took their time on delving into Wanda’s ptsd regression and how she processes her own trauma. It’s been so great so far and you can see how excited i am about it.