• Eternals


    It's not about super powered beings who never age that were sent to Earth to protect its people from CGI Transformer Venom dogs. It's about F A M I L Y.

    There's the hot Asian one.
    The rugged white dude.
    The Mexilant Selma Hayek.
    The pasty faced dude who still looks like he's in high school.
    The Tomb Raiding Milf.
    The Korean Beef Bulgogi.
    The Mute Speedy one.
    The Bollywood Wishes one.
    The Fat Black Gay inventor that ticks most…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    Captivatingly colourful, carefully cut and sewn together time displaced mystery, littered with memorable musical gems, haunted by the harsh cruelty of the reality(s) of life in London.

    This was a joy to lose myself in from start to finish. Definitely worth the trip.

  • Stargate: Continuum

    Stargate: Continuum

    The official end of an era for these wormhole explorers.

    So I finally watched and half rewatched every episode of SG-1 over the last 2 months or so? Mostly while working. Basically I've got a 3 monitor set up and I'll leave something running on my 3rd monitor (which is directly below my primary) while I work on the other 2, meaning it's more like listening to a film or show rather than glancing down and giving it my full…

  • Bilocation


    I pray that you don't become like me

    That poster drew me in, but doesn't do this movie justice. This ain't a horror movie. Probably more of a mysteriously twisted thriller.

    Anywho, interesting concept; what if there was a version of you that ran completely on emotion and they were causing a stir in your community? Not like an identical twin, but more like your repressed self unleashed. 🤷🤷

    Bilocation (a term that's repeated several times throughout the film; just…

  • Life After Beth

    Life After Beth

    Is it necrophilia if the body is the reanimated corpse of your girlfriend?

    Dane DeHaan finds out first hand as he instantly takes Aubrey Plaza to bone town after discovering she's alive just days after her funeral. 🦴🦴🦴

    I legit kept thinking he was Bill Skarsgård, because he looked so much like Pennywise that I was half expecting him to do the Winnie the Pooh voice while he was making out and trying put the D in Plaza. 🌭🌭🌭


  • Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

    Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin

    Paramount Pictures: It doesn't matter how you find the pot of gold; all that matters is that you beat the Leprechauns.

    Resurrecting this flogged horse of a series with the new combo standard film + found footage mix that I've seen twice this year so far, so I'm guessing that's how mainstream found footage is gonna be now?

    This one gets a trio of city folk out living in a spooky Amish paradise, so they already got that creepy…

  • Ghost World

    Ghost World

    High school
    is like the training wheels
    for the bicycle of real life

    When the walls of the teenage life you knew slowly begin to vanish and you're forced to forge a new path into the unknown. Yeah, may be a bit too deep, but that's what I get from this film. With a bucket full of laughs too of course.

    I remember when I first saw this; not long after finishing high school myself and it totally made…

  • Kops


    I'm just gonna assume this is how small town cops do it in Sweden. With Waffle Hot dogs. 🇸🇪🌭🌭

    Quaint little comedy revolving around officers at a tiny polis station that hasn't seen any real crime in ages, which, unfortunately, leads to the decision from higher up to close their station down and relocate their staff.

    So the officers figure the only way to save their station is to up the crime rate themselves... because why not?

    The characters are…

  • Blood Rage

    Blood Rage

    Evil twin dishes out sex-Ed

    Campy slasher set in a rich, very well lit, ground level apartment complex, with possibly some of the dumbest victims I've ever seen; which is actually part of the charm.🥛🥛🥛

    The hammy acting, awful dialogue and blindly oblivious characters are grounded with some amazing special effect kills that make this trashy slasher totally worth it. It's just too funny when everyone sees the killer with deadly weapon in hand and thinks nothing of it until…

  • The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

    The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

    Agent Smith and Memento turn clunky cross country tour into a bit of a drag

    A trio of drag queen performers make a trip via Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; a hollowed out and re-pimped tour bus. Their trip takes them across the desert for a special performance in Alice Springs.

    Always knew Hugo Weaving was in this, but had no idea Guy Pearce was one of the other guys! His bitchy character was easily my favourite of the bunch.…

  • Sunshine


    Danny Boyle's only off-world venture that takes a crew into the sun in hopes of reigniting it. ☀️☀️🌞

    First off; love the look of everything; from the interior and exterior of the ship to the gorgeous golden space suits; everything within the ship looks amazingly authentic. The soundtrack, coupled with those atmospheric and often freaky space noises really encapsulated that sense of drifting into the unknown.

    Of course, being a space movie, there's a dumb decision early on that sets…

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    Michael Myers vs Millennials, Boomers and at least one Zoomer. The Shape don't Discriminate.

    I still haven't seen Carpenter's original, so the opening flashback transitions confused the shit outta me, as it jumps from present to past and until Loomis waddled in, I had no idea what was going on.

    In terms of kills and the gooey red stuff; this delivers. As for everything else; it's kind of a letdown, as it builds itself up to be a Royal Rumble,…