The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

Three hours ago I was like: “I have two options: I can either watch The Godfather Part II or go to my university and study to build a career for myself.” Then I remembered that my university is closed because Coronavirus decided to spread through Italy, so here I am, 202 minutes later.

Maybe I am wrong, but is this film the only one in history to work not only as a sequel but also as a prequel? It seamlessly combines two storylines: Vito’s past and Michael’s descent into darkness. The former is really engaging and De Niro really surprised me with his portrayal of Vito, but the latter was the best part of the movie: every line is iconic (“You broke my heart”... shivers!) and I loved how tragic and almost hopeless Michael’s arch was: seeing this corrupted man trying to balance his role as a gangster and as a family man, and mixing them in the end, when he starts to see enemies everywhere. 

Needless to say, the running time never felt tiring or annoying. Maybe the last film in the trilogy will disappoint me, maybe it won’t, but I still want to inject gangster movies into my veins.

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