The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

Film 18 of The December Challenge 2016

Film 9 of 31 from The December Scavenger Hunt

Task 22 A Shane Black film (either written, directed or acting)

This is Shane Black doing what Shane Blackdoes best. Uniting two great actors, with a funny, gripping mystery held up by a sharp, funny script.

I've heard some say that this doesn't live up to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang or Lethal Weapon but I disagree. It's easily as entertaining, if a little lighter in tone than the former, and as a non-fan of Mel Gibson easily outranks the latter.

Gosling and Crowe work great together but it's Angourie Rice who really sets this film apart with a mature, fun performance that leaves her an easy equal to her two famous co-stars.

Great fun and definitely worth the full-price of a bluray. One i will happily revisit.

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