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  • El sur

    El sur


    great ending and acting throughout. nice to watch just a beautifully shot film.

  • Daughter Rite

    Daughter Rite

    the way the frames stutter back & forth like a memory mulled over. struck by the artifice of the improvisation and the friction of the real moments of emotion they dig out

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  • A Thousand Cuts

    A Thousand Cuts


    it's hard when this story is so incredible, the stakes so high, the characters so brave that the movie is this bad. no sense of pacing makes this an unlikable slog which hurts because what is happening in the philippines is so dire. the first humanizing, funny scene is so late in the film it feels like an accidental reversal of storytelling: after all of the horrible things these people have been through, now we try to make them likable.

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    one of those movies where the more you think about it,
    the worse and worse it becomes.

    barely an ounce of originality in JJ's vision
    which seems to have been chopped to hell in the editing room.

    The pacing is "GO GO GO GO GO GO" the whole time which is good cause it distracts you from all the weird moving parts, but also never lets us hang out with the fun new characters.

    how did the Sith build that massive star eating butthole blaster in the 30ish years that have gone by?