1917 ★★★★

Had this been an immersive and visceral experience for me, I would have loved it a lot more — and I really wanted to. Even though the film meant to meet those standards, there were unfortunately too many distracting elements that can take you out of the film. 

The one-shot take felt like it was cheating at times with painfully obvious hidden cuts and too many fade-to-black moments. Still, Roger Deakins is the man, and I was impressed with the scenes that required extra effort and coordination yet were executed really well (such as the flare scene and the first wave scene).

The script does the bare minimum, but it still manages to invest your interest in the characters and their journey despite the film taking place in one day. I do wish, however, that it didn’t use tropes such as “woman in a basement with a kid during a war” because the film never benefited from these types of moments.

It’s also a bizarre decision to bring a famous actor during the most climactic part of the film (if that didn’t take you out of the movie, then I envy you). But yeah...still loved it even though it’s borderline basic.

bob: what are you waiting for?

tricycle kid: i don’t know. for sam mendes to make a film that can top american beauty, i guess. 

bob: me, too, kid.

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