Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½


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The remaining members of the resistance struggle to find a way to end the First Order once and for all. 

I’m starting to feel a bit mixed on this new trilogy of Star Wars, as it’s my first time re-watching them all back to back, and let me just say, I can understand where some folk are coming from with their negativity. I still enjoy the heck out of these movies and I absolutely adore Star Wars as a whole, it’s one of my favorite franchises EVER, but I just don’t think any of these are perfect movies. As much as I want to give every one of them a 5 star, my feelings are so very scattered and I’m just confused. Firstly, I’ve picked up on a LOT more of the ridiculousness and stupid moments that many say “ruined Star Wars” but at the same time, I can’t help but embrace the feeling of pure happiness they bring me. The Last Jedi is a controversial film for sure, and while I think it’s not a bad movie at all, It still has issues. In my opinion, the whole first half feels so bland, and my biggest issue here is that the crew is split up, and Rey just seems to be stuck on this island with Luke, making it really uninteresting. His character is funny at times, yes, and there’s some great dialogue to dissect, but there is also many dumb and drawn out parts that leave me groaning in despair, unfortunately. Another huge problem is the Canto Bite side-quest, where Finn and Rose must find a man to get a device and break into the ship, in order to shut down the tracker. It’s very formulaic and full of basic storytelling, which feels very anti-Rian Johnson—who makes this the BEST looking Star Wars Film Of The entire saga. It’s so phenomenal and groundbreaking that if it wasn’t for his style, my rating would be much lower, and that’s just a small taste of the visual spectacularity.

I’m also very disappointed in the amount of hate Rose’s character received. I think she was just fine, and while the film focused a little too much on her at times (taking the spotlight away from the main team) she was good. I don’t think she’s the best character or anything like that, but the fact that the actress received death threats and hate comments about her character is beyond me, and if your a true fan of Star Wars you won’t go hating on someone like that. I have to point out Laura Dern’s Character, too—she is annoying, rude, and inconsiderate, but her small appearance proves to be important when she sacrifices herself for the rest of the rebel’s, adding a whole other emotional level. I liked that turn of events, and found it satisfying. Now Finn is nice in this one, but is used only for comedy, and Rose, as I said, is a decent addition—but the characters are what seem to be everyone’s issue with The Last JediStar Wars isn’t all about it’s people, though, it’s about the story. You can’t base your opinion just off of Luke’s attitude or Rose’s personality, you got to look at it as a whole. I think that The Last Jedi is a great movie that starts out slow, but progresses into an epic installment with a banger ending, and that saves it completely. It has issues (I won’t deny) and it’s not perfect by any means, but I just really enjoyed it overall, despite my complaints. You may be reading this and looking at my rating at the same time, thinking I’m stupid, but I just go with the flow, and my taste is weird. Let me know if your a fan of this or not, I would really like to know I’m not alone here and that I won’t wake up in the morning with a gun to my head. 

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