The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★½

Film #14 that was recommended to me -- feel free to add to the list!

I was a little skeptical, but this was actually pretty entertaining! Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling bounce off each other well; it feels like they're both having a lot of fun with this. I appreciated that it didn't just feel like some comedians doing improv at each other, as there are some amusing situations and a decent bit of slapstick even. Gosling really plays the bumbling detective well, managing to be more endearing than annoying. Even the mystery tying it all together was pretty well written for the context, absurd in the right ways while still being decently engaging. And it features the second best use of Richard Nixon in a comedy that I have seen!

I very much appreciate the recommendation, because this is one I probably would have overlooked forever.

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