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This review may contain spoilers.

Something I noticed myself doing while watching TLJ was making a mental note of things that stood out to me, but not in a good way. Unlike my usual state of awe with the Star Wars films, I found myself being taken out of the universe. And that to me was a big downside.

I honestly felt uncomfortable in all of Rey's scenes. There's tenacity and then there's that. Whatever the opposite to nuance is, that's what I felt Ridley's performance was. It felt like a theatre performance. Things like the 'force-talking' and Leia's spacewalk didn't feel earned to me. Star Wars can get away with a lot that other movies can't and that's what makes them so special but honestly, it just felt it was being made up as they went along.

Something that's so fantastic about the Star Wars original trilogy, which was replicated with TFA and RO, was that every second and every frame was perfectly-timed and important. This felt like a bit of a mess, in all honesty.

Of course, it's Star Wars so I felt thoroughly entertained throughout. It was INCREDIBLE to see Hamill on the big screen again and the visuals were breath-taking. But Finn was underused, the pacing was off, and Kylo deserved better despite still being the most believable character in this generation of films.

I'll 100% be seeing it again soon and I'll be interested to see how my opinions develop. Until now though, my least favourite (excluding the prequels).

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