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  • A Brighter Summer Day
  • Taste of Cherry
  • Modern Times
  • Bicycle Thieves

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  • The Host


  • Knife in the Water


  • Oldboy


  • Short Sharp Shock


Recent reviews

  • Tangerines



    The first time I watched "Tangerines" I liked it, but I didn't remember that it was this good. More than anything "Tangerines" is about our humanity hidden under layers and layers of hate and prejudice. It is easy to make a war movie that shows how people are evil. It is rarer to see a war film that actually belives in the healing power of forgiveness. It says that hate is not something natural, kindness is. Ivo saves a georgian…

  • Howards End

    Howards End


    Merchant-Ivory's darkest film. "Howards end" does not have the same playfulness or light tone like the other Merchant-Ivory films I have wathced. This is a far more uncompromising look at class division. "Howards end" is wise since it is aware of the fact that in the end not only the poor are the vicitms, but all the classes will be victims to tragedy. The rich belive that they are immune, but as long as they abuse and neglect the poor,…

Popular reviews

  • Marketa Lazarová

    Marketa Lazarová


    If they could make movies in the middle ages, this is what it would look like.

  • The Paper Will Be Blue

    The Paper Will Be Blue


    In "The paper will be blue" everyone fights for the people. They just don't know what people. They know that they are fighting the enemy, the bad guys, but no one seems to know where or even who they are. This is a revolution where no one knows who they fighting against or what they are fighting for, and "freedom" is an angry, confused mob crying for blood. Yet they are still all convinced that they are right.

    "The paper…